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Parallel Lines


empowering disabled youth to become the next generation of climate leaders

What We Do:


Our 2023 Actions:

Meet the founder:

Hello there fellow outdoor lovers! 

My name is Kelcie & I’m the face behind @WildAbility 

I grew up in Calgary spending pretty much all of my time outdoors. This early love of nature led me to start developing nature based environmental technologies as a teen - and at 21 I founded my first startup to develop mycoremediation based technologies to clean up polluted environments in a safe and effective way. 

After years of hiding my battle with several rare genetic diseases and struggling behind closed doors in the fall of 2019 I became a wheelchair user. Because of the research I was doing I was lucky enough to be invited to environmental, climate, youth leadership events all over the world  (I even was named one of Canada's Top 30 Under 30 sustainability leaders!).  It was during some of these events that I started to realize that I was usually the only disabled person in the room - and often the room wasn’t even accessible for people like me. 


I believe that there is not a lack of disabled voices in the climate movement because of a lack of ability but because there has been a tragic lack of opportunity for disabled youth to both experience the outdoors and fall in love with it - and for them to participate in educational and capacity building activities that available to other aspiring environmental leaders. 


Nature - and its protection – is for all of us! So I’ve founded WildAbility to ensure that the next gen of disabled climate leaders, environmental scientists, eco-activists, outdoor explorers, nature lovers (and everything in-between) have the same opportunities to care for, love, and protect our planet that everyone else does. 

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